Educate Me

Tricia Sankey

The sixteen-year-old boy got up from his seat and made his way to the classroom window that faced the entrance of the school.

“Take a picture if you want,” his teacher said.

So, he got out his cell phone and snapped away.

“He’s in handcuffs,” his friend says. “They just stuffed him in the back of the car. I heard he punched a policeman.”

The boys aren’t scared, just intrigued. And proud. For their police officers caught the boy before he shot up the school. But they aren’t sure he had a gun. They just imagine.

The boy tells his mother the story of what happened during his graphic design class while she surveys his pictures of red and blue lights. She imagines.

And she questions. Why are children in a nice, suburban school, so disturbed? These are the things they don’t tell us.


Unfortunately, this is a true…

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